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Zombie Apocalypse Survival House

Safe House Which Can Transform Itself Into A Fort (In Case Of Zombie Apocalypse ;)) this is awesome.unnecessary but awesome

The incredible Aloe Vera needs no introduction. The many aloe vera benefits are well-known, which is why it has earned a permanent place in household. Read on to know more

17 Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera (Ghritkumari) For Skin, Hair, And Health

Is it possible that a simple kitchen ingredient like baking soda can help cure cancer? This post let's you know all about baking soda for cancer treatment in detail

Curcumin has been reported in numerous studies to remove the harmful free radicals and other toxic components from the liver and treat the toxicity. Thus, turmeric has become a good candidate for treatment of various types of toxicities including alcohol toxicity.

Here is an evidence-based most comprehensive list of health benefits of turmeric and curcumin. Enjoy the list and start including turmeric in your life today!

You got: You Are Whim. Si. Cal. Are you interested in something miniature? Of course you are! You’re quirky and totally own it. You’ve always been your own person, and you apply that to everything you do in life — including your hairstyle.

What Does Your Hair Say About You?

Beauty Q&A on What Does Your Hair Say About You?

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics : Get Involved

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics~ Tons of DIY cosmetic recipes- including face paint!