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Like after its done raining and how the sun reflects of the clouds and gives a goldish honeyish tint and all the texture and hues. Yeah i notice every itty bitty detail xD

Libra life

The Libra's ability to detach make them cold, heartless, and blind in the worst…

Libra Kiss

A Libra kisses like there's no tomorrow. They love deep, meaningful, and passionate kisses.

⁶тнє ριи gσ∂∂ ➫ @ℓιи∂αχ∂σℓℓ {fσℓℓσω тσ ѕєє мσяє}

*༺☆☆☆༻* "Libra females want a strong man who understands their need for…

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Yet my mom (a Taurus) does not understand that then wonders why I get mad at her afterwards. I hate being rushed and I always tell people, yet some never learn