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30 hunger game quotes katniss

I chose this because in the movie president snow ( the bad guy that makes people fight in the games) said this to the game maker. That the only thing stronger than fear is hope.

These minimalist posters describe the Hunger Games districts (pictures)

30 hunger game quotes katniss

Reading has never really been joyful for me. The Hunger Games was one of the good movies that made me want to read more. Watching the movie and reading the book is two different things. I saw how much more detail you get when reading.

Return to Panem with our collection of Hunger Games fan art to celebrate the release of Mockingjay Part Join the revolution as Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Finnick take on the Capital in the ultima.

For each book/movie there is a certain tree-- Hunger Games - The willow tree Catching Fire - The lightning tree Mockingjay - The hanging tree

Just like the hunger games but a different plot and different characters. I'll assign characters and which district they come. There will be hunger games held as well. Each person will be given 4 fcs;

I did know Rue. She wasn't just my ally, she was my friend. I see her in the flowers that grow in the meadow by my house. I hear her in the Mockingjay's song. I see her in my sister, Prim. She was too young, too gentle. And I couldn't save her. I'm sorry.

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The loneliest people. The saddest people. The most damaged people. The Hunger Games. So true about the saddest people!