Timed Head Sketch 662 by FUNKYMONKEY1945 on deviantART

Timed Head Sketch 662 by on deviantART

Timed Head Sketch 866 by FUNKYMONKEY1945 on deviantART

Neat Hair ( lol it's hot today. You can see in this one how I use the canvas/bg to do a lot of work for me so I don't really have to paint much ) Timed Head Sketch 866


Honor by mckadesinsanity* Lovely depiction of flesh. cannot see a brush stroke therein. Perhaps, air-brushed ~ impossibly perfect.

Adriana, Wojtek Fus on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/adriana

Wojtek Fus — worx - Set of amazing digital concept art by Poland-based artist, Wojtek Fus.