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Red wool cloak with wolf skin

viking jewellery, battle ready weapons, costume accessories, living history supplies, banquet supplies and museum replicas from viking and early medieval times.

Cloak of Winterfell by ~Xavietta on deviantART

"Look, I just want to wear pretty, vaguely medieval adventure/drama costume dresses and cloaks and ride horses through the forest; is that a viable career path?


Cloak of Winterfell - renaissance larp viking medieval costume fur wool game of thrones stark

This is probably the sixth (or so) cloak I've done, but it's the first one in brown I've updated my techniques a little since the first one, adding snaps to the cloak to hold it in place on the str...

Loving this style cloak, add a hood and use a coyote pelt and of course different color maybe go black


Color of leather and the use of fur. female leather armor barbarian front view by ~Lagueuse on deviantART

Viking Fur Leggings / Boot Covers Leg Warmers by FolkOfTheWood

Viking Fur Leggings / Boot Covers, Leg Warmers, Pair - Medieval, Renaissance Fair Costume Accessory - Faux Fur Choose Your Color

Completo invierno para mujer de inspiración traje de vikingo

Complete winter outfit for women, viking inspired- cap and/or dress and/or cloak

Unisex Larp/Reenactment Cloak with Faux Fur Mantle and Chest Straps.

Unisex Larp/Reenactment Cloak with Faux Fur Mantle and Chest Straps

Unisex Larp/Reenactment Cloak with Faux Fur Mantle and Chest Straps.

diseños de showdiva cabo de cuero adornado con conejo por showdiva

showdiva designs Leather Cape trimmed with Rabbit and Glass Beads

Théoden. La primera vez que vemos a Théoden en Las Dos Torres aparece sometido al influjo de Lengua de Serpiente. Está consumido y es una sombra de sí mismo. Por ello, los diseñadores le vistieron con ropajes de aspecto muy pesado y envolventes. Los colores, ocres y grises, contribuyen a darle un aspecto Avejentado y cnsumido.

Very cool costume. Coats Pagan Wicca Witch: LOTR King Theodan Bespelled, by Elizabeth Guy.

The druid Reidoth lives in the wilds east and south-east of Neverwinter. Frequenting the fledgling village of Phandalin, he was mentioned to the party, who sought him out. At his urging, the party miraculously defeated the green dragon Venomfang, earning themselves no small amount of notoriety in Neverwinter. Though a loner, Reidoth was happy to see the party later on. (Ally NPC, alive)

Artwork: obad-hai by fantasy artist Kyle Anderson. See more artwork by this featured artist on the fantasy gallery website.