Hidden identities

I'm mad that Nightcrawler's head got chopped off but it doesn't take away from the awesomeness of this picture. <<So love that kitty pryde is a focus point of this picture

Rogue (by Tom Grummett)

Taking Care of Business Art by: Tom Grummett Did you know that Rogue was ranked tenth in Comics Buyer’s Guide’s Sexiest Women in Comics” list? Currently she has a serious grudge against the Scarlet Witch and blames her for the death of Professor X.

I miss teen titans so much

Raven The Titan OMG! i used to watch her on t. she was my favorite of all the teen titans! Not teen titans go though that one sucks

X-Men by Jim Lee

Always the Xmen that I think of. "X-Men Visionaries" By Jim Lee - Limited Edition Giclée on Canvas

SPIDER-VERSE TEAM-UP #3 by Pryce14.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Spider-Verse Team-Up Spider-Verse tie-in! A whole group of Spiders team up, but what mission takes five Spiders? The Spider-Girl team reunites for a story about Mayday and a mystery Spider!

Steampunk Batman and Hellboy by Chris  Stevens

Batman & Hellboy Marker Illustration Marvel & Dark Horse Comic Book Artwork by Chris Stevens

Gambit by Mike Choi. Always had the biggest crush on Gambit. That Cajun accent though...

Gambit by Mike Choi. Always had the biggest crush on Gambit. That Cajun accent…


Re-interpretation of Psylocke. Pardon me while I exercise my ninja fetish. Psylocke is owned by Marvel/Disney. The Butterfly Assassin

Iron Man Demon in a Bottle

Iron Man 128 Classic Demon in A Bottle Story and Cover Alcoholism

Flashpoint 1 pages 4-5 by sinccolor on DeviantArt

Flashpoint 1 pages by sinccolor on DeviantArt