Keuze 3 van Emiel Pictorial of how to put together a Star Wars "storm trooper" face cake

May the force with your birthday cakes. The most amazing birthday cakes for your kiddo’s Star Wars birthday party.

May the Force Be With Your Kids' Birthday Cakes

The most amazing Star Wars cakes for your kiddo's birthday party. Yumz I want a cake like that.Probably taste a little 'hairy' though. Haha I like making puns

Star Wars cake topped with hand modelled Yoda, (using the fab Cake Dutchess tutorial, but with my own adaptations).

Gâteau sabre laser « Star Wars »

Gâteau sabre laser "Star Wars"

star wars cake

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Fun Lego Star Wars Cake Ideas by DIY Ready at diyready.com... http://diyready.com11-diy-lego-star-wars-ideas/?utm_content=buffer3b53e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer

Star Wars Toy Ideas

12 awesome Star Wars cakes that will blow your mind. The perfect blofg for May Star Wars Day! Star Wars Cakes for every occasion.

Star Wars cookies using regular Christmas cookie cutters - genius!

Sugarbelle wanted to make Star Wars cookies without having to spend money on expensive novelty cookie cutters. Instead, she tried her hand at using holiday cookie cutters, and the result is pretty amazing! After matching up holiday cookie cutters with th