Derek Theler #yǎnfú

Derek Theler - Who is on my storyboard while writing Mine to Steal. He is Trey Miller.

derek theler. He's six foot five, and has Leading Man written all over him!

Derek Theler from the ABC Family Show "Baby Daddy". That's one yummy reason to watch.

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"The Longest Ride's" Scott Eastwood Suits Up

Derek Theler  Hairstyle best

Derek Theler Hairstyle best

Whatever you say Derek Theler . #GotGVol2

Whatever you say Derek Theler . #GotGVol2


Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows his muscles and meathead style as the title lothario in new movie "Don Jon," written and directed by JGL himself. So, yeah, Joe

Derek Theler has a pre-med degree,  football player, and swimmer, and he was a model!!!!!!

I like hot boys and it looks like you do too.Send in pics of boys you think are hot and see if they get featured ;

derek theler gifs - Google Search

derek theler gifs - Google Search

Derek Theler

Derek Theler

THIS is what's important: Derek Theler

Introducing Derek Theler, Your New Favorite Actor