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Las guerras se ganan con música. Bueno, no… de hecho, no | NOISEY

Las guerras se ganan con música. Bueno, no… de hecho, no

Cover of the brochure of the “Entartete Musik" exhibition. Hans Severus Ziegler was a state censor in Nazi Germany. He organized the exhibition “Entartete Musik" (degenerate music) in which he.

Fascinating French Anti-Nazi and Anti-Vichy poster, "France is the bastion of Europe. Defend it!" (from Nazi-occupied France)

z- SS Waffen Grenadier Div Charlemagne French)- France Is Bastion of Europe- Defend it (Prop- Vichy France- WWII)

motobilia: “source: Nikolay Chapurin, Ural Motorcycles ”

motobilia: “source: Nikolay Chapurin, Ural Motorcycles ”

Military Ads (Vintage Art) Posters at AllPosters.com

Your Country Needs You Famous Kitchener World War One recruitment poster From The War Memoirs of David Lloyd George published 1933 Canvas Art - Ken Welsh Design Pics x

Recruiting poster for a Dutch SS Legion.

World War 2 Poster - German, SS recruiting poster used in the Netherlands & your honor and conscience! Against Bolshevism. The Waffen-SS calls you!

Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937 | www.neuegalerie.org

Oskar Kokoschka Poster with Self-Portrait for Der Sturm magazine, Colored lithograph © Neue Galerie New York. Gift of Leonard A. Lauder © 2014 Fondation Oskar Kokoschka/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ ProLitteris, Zürich

Poster for the "degenerate art" exhibition

Why Hitler put 'degenerate' art on show

Cover of the guidebook to the "Degenerate Art" exhibition which opened in the Hofgarten arcades of Munich’s Residenz on July 19, 1937; the cover features Otto Freundlich's sculpture, Der neue Mensch (1912). It included 650 works of art confiscated from 32 German museums. For the National Socialists, the term “degenerate” applied to any type of art that was incompatible with their ideology or propaganda.

Otto Freundlich's sculpture featured on the cover of Degenerate Art exhibition guide, 1937 Freundlich's Large Head (New Man) sculpture – one.