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La Princesa Escita Ukok

Reconstruction of a 2500 year old burial scene of Ukok Princess, with both women dressed in traditional Pazyryk clothes. Drawing by Elena Shumakova, Institute of Archeology and Ethnography, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science

SKiN&BoNE: Pazyryk & Scythian Mummy Tattoos

Nordic tattoo studio, specialized in dotwork and viking tattoos, located in Jægersborggade, Copenhagen.

bensozia: Horses of the Scythian Kings

Reconstructions of horse trappings from Scythian royal burials, century BC. From Renate Rolle, The World of the Scythians.

Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, Queen of hearts by LisaPerrinArt, via Flickr

felixinclusis: “ someforeignletters: Lisa Perrin: Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen, Queen of Hearts ”

Горный Алтай : «Принцессы Укока» : Колода, в которой была захоронена «Принцессы Укока»

A Pazyryk coffin most of which are found on the Ukok Plateau. First discovered in

Felt swan from Pazyryk tomb

Felt Swan, decoration on felt rug of carriage. Pazyryk barrow no. BCE, excavated From the Lands, cat.



9-01-03/22 VESSEL 3RD BCE-1ST CE A man with a horned helmet and a spokewheel. Gundestrup Cauldron, inner plate. Detail of 09-01-03/15 Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) National Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark

A Celtic warrior with a horned helmet and a spokewheel. Detail of Embossed silver, gilded BCE) (c) Photograph by Erich Lessing

Hayvan-Üslubu-4.jpg (318×405)

Pazyryk Culture (Scythian) Pommel, Century BCWood and leather walking stick pommel in the form of a large griffin holding a deer in its beak. Found in the Second Pazyryk mound, Big Ulagan, Pazyryk.

Reconstruction of clothing of "Ukok's Ice Maiden" or "Princess Ukok", who was discovered high in Siberia’s Altai mountains. She's about 2,500 years old. She was buried in the permafrost, which kept her body remarkably well preserved, including tattoos that are among “the most complicated and the most beautiful” archaeologists have found.

century BCE - Princess of Ukok - 20 year old Scythian woman found in kurgan - reconstruction