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The Portuguese stem stitch is another of the knotted stitches. You start with a basic stem stitch and then wrap your thread twice around t.

Виды швов с инструкциями - Клуб рукоделия - Страна Мам

Виды швов с инструкциями - Клуб рукоделия - Страна Мам

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A favoured motif for Elizabethan and Jacobean embroiderers, the Gillyflower design is a pretty way to decorate a shirt pocket or use a row of them on a guest towel.

Feather stitch 2 - Categoría: puntadas de bordado - Wikimedia Commons. English: feather stitch German: Federstich Italian: punto corallo

Feather stitch - I've never thought of doing a design with feather stitch although I use it as a base for QC seam treatments.