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Chalo.gonzalo .

It's the round bellies in a Quarterhorse that sets them apart. They're so beautiful.

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Black with star (Andalusian Lusitano Lippizzaner spanish horse Piccador Vaquero Charro)

AQHA Blue Roan Stallion - Recherche Google

Blue roan quarter horse stallion with a real horsehair tail, just not his own .

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>(The wild roam free because they don't compromise their differentiality; They don't accept being average.

SHOWLINE ROMEO --STUD FOR THE TIGER HORSE BREED --Tiger horses are gaited, spotted horses with a coat color much like the Appaloosa. The tiger horse can exhibit various ambling gaits including various lateral gaits called the "glider gait" or Indian shuffle, stepping pace, and running walk, as well as the diagonal fox trot. Registered horses must exhibit gaits without artificial aids and while flat-shod.

The Appaloosa Patterned Gaited Horse (APGH). Tiger Horse (Can exhibit various ambling gaits, and has a coat pattern much like an Appaloosa)

Golden Buckskin Horse | horses and roping horses click to see buck s pedigree

I find beauty in all horses but if I had to pick a favorite.it would be the buckskin!


He was the most beautiful horse I have ever laid eyes on and yes Ohmar is half Arabian and is a barrel horse.