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when one of my family member asks why i don't have a boyfriend I go Smaug, "I instill terror in the hearts of men.

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How I love bringing LOTR into every day life! I will take the ring to Mordor!

I agree.. English is very weird

Actually, the wording wouldn't be "why can not you get me some ice cream". It would be "why can you not get me some ice cream". Just because a contraction is used does not mean that the word and not are next to each other.

Art is some messed-up stuff.

heismyfirstolive: “ timelordsandhunters: “ is nobody going to talk about this painting i mean those men are just casually rIDING THEIR BEARDS NBD ” never mind them, i’m more concerned about the guy.

Funny Tumblr Posts, Rug Store - Employee of the month? I think not...

oh my gosh, i am literally crying i am laughing so hard! the problem is i can totally see myself hiding and eating doritos behind a rug.


Thing is that if this is the thought the child had about their parents when they got a D on a test in elementary school, then like. What are the parents telling her/him?

Just wasn't my cup of tea XD

This would totally be me.

Some tumblr posts I found while trying to clean up my files.

Eavesdropping - This is awesome!

That last comment though

If it hadn't been for cotton eye Joe.I wouldn't be laughing so hard.


I laughed too hard! I spit out my water now it's on my screen!<<<Speaking of water