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Colorful Autumn eye make-up with matching crystals and feather lashes.

Makeup Art

Elaborate eye makeup designs, simply because its the weirdest thing I have seen in a while.

These beautiful eyelid art designs are by an amazing "artist" named Katie Alves! I only wish that I can get to these magnitude of make-up-ness! =)

I'm not exactly a makeup person, but I love these eyeshadow Disney references!

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Windows to the Soul Eye Art

Disney Make-up Collectio by TinyCarmen

The Dragyn's Lair: Silly Saturday: Disney Eye Shadow

Couture                                                       …

Nice fake eyelashes with feathers WOW. Just thinking how cool this would look as a different way to do the feathered face masks for halloween. You just need fake eyelashes & glue to go with it.

butterfly eyes. like the incorporation of the spots

Psychedelic Winged Photography

Moth eyes --- same. sth look further in these other pins for patriotic face painting, etc.

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Crazy Eye Shadow including the nightmare before christmas eyeshadow

extraordinary eye make up

Incredible eye makeup art by Kaiah

Snow Queen inspired aqua and white  fantasy make-up with pretty crystal accents by Michel Z_Art.

Snow Queen inspired aqua and white fantasy make-up with pretty crystal accents by Michel Z_Art.- White hair would really give this the full "snow queen effect, Xx

Thanks to celebrities like Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, sporting obviously false lashes has become socially acceptable. After all, fake eyelashes are pretty convenient in the sense that it effectively widens and draws attention to the eyes without the hassle of priming and applying your lashes with layers of mascara.

rainbow feather lash,i can't do this :D

Beautiful eye makeup!

Makeup Tips For Green Eyes Beautiful eye makeup! for blue eyes.

the hunger games fire eye makeup | girl on fire eye makeup lol | Hunger Games Things

girl on fire eye makeup-this looks really cool. I would so try this if I had everything for it and wasn't Imagine this on a 12 year old 😂

Part II - Birds of a Feather EYES Sees You  ~!~ Hint ~!~  If you try anything like this, use surgical adhesive, like "Duo" brand. It will stay on, but then can be peeled off without injury or tearing.

SUPER COOL - Lloyd Simmonds Aquarius eye-I bet I have the Mary Kay eyeshadows to make this happen!

AMAZING Eye Make Up Inspired By Famous Characters… Can You Guess Them All?

Movie eye shadow makeup at its best - FunSubstance