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Buster Graybill - Strapped

Buster Graybill - Strapped

Illuminated Ax #NeonLamp #FloorLamp @idlights

Illuminated Ax Floor Lamp

Keith Lemley - The Woods - neon art installation - axes of light and wood stumps

Incredible Art That Can Only Be Viewed From One Angle

Incredible Art That Can Only Be Viewed From One Angle

Funny pictures about Incredible Art That Can Only Be Viewed From One Angle. Oh, and cool pics about Incredible Art That Can Only Be Viewed From One Angle. Also, Incredible Art That Can Only Be Viewed From One Angle photos.

Enduring Ideas In Art:  Identity Humans and nature War Creativity Humans and their relationship to others Communication Cultural diversity Memories Responsibility Survival Power Conflict Spirituality Cooperation Value Search for meaning Reality and Fantasy Life and Death Good and Evil Interdependence Life cycles Rites of passage Change

Enduring Ideas

Stacked, broken, and scratched pebbles become works of art with the imagination and touch of artist Andy Goldsworthy. Circle of Stones Andy Goldsworthy…

Japanese artist Yosuke Goda drew his 'Waves' on the walls and floor of a room. We think that he shouldn't stop there.:

Une incroyable pièce totalement illustrée au marqueur par l’artiste japonais Yosuke Goda. (I don't speak French but I think) an incredible piece totally illustrated from marker by the Japanese artist Yosuke Goda

Rainbows in a stairwell

rainbow thread art installation -- In Como, Italy, this unbelievable thread installation is done by Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe


Scale: Jacob Hashimoto work using traditional kite-making techniques on a grand scale from his studio in Brooklyn. Small kite elements are handmade from paper and adhered onto a bamboo frame.

Bohemian Pages: DIY Friday- Moon Gate....

Outdoor wood log portal - art and awesome idea - imagine finding a secret garden beyond something like this! - curated by adam miller


Fabian Burgy - "The idea of my work is to question given situations by provoking seamless shifts between real and unreal using the liberty to use whatever medium is appropriate – this allows me to lift the reality off the rails.

Michael McGillis cria instalações ambientais usando sacos plásticos, arame, cerâmica, tinta e outros materiais. Sua land art tem uma abordagem única e impactante. Clique para conhecer alguns de seu…

Arte ambiental de Michael McGillis

Design Sponge - Artist Michael McGillis created this purple log installation at an outdoor park in Minnesota

Writers Block, sculpture by Jonathan Callan

Writers block, sculpture by Jonathan Callan.do they have one for artist cause that's my problem

Balloon tree. I HAVE to do this!!!!

"Balloon Tree", Art Installation by Myeongbeom Kim (.and yes I'm from that generation that hears red balloons" / "neunundneunzig luftballons" on seeing this ~ Carol @ Merrin Joinery)

maria aparicio | To receive physical media items from artists like this one, click here http://quarterly.co/contributors/brandon-long

Design Inspiration // Maria Aparicio… and friends. All of these pieces are collaborations with various photographers. They supply the stunning images, and she supplies the embroidery.


Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala

Installation Aerial par Monika Grzymala :: Tape, patience and imagination Aerial is a facility of the Berlin artist Monika Grzymala, made entirely with a big black tape, she dresses a column and two white walls with incredible dexterity.