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Labradors are frequently trained to aid people who are blind and people with autism, act as therapy dogs, and perform screening and detection work for law enforcement and other official agencies.

Growth Chart for dogs lol

Funny pictures about Bitey's growth chart. Oh, and cool pics about Bitey's growth chart. Also, Bitey's growth chart.

The best methods to train your new  puppy and teach your older dog new GOOD behaviours

Discover the Dog Potty Training Solution That Will Permanently Housebreak Your Dog.

Emotional Support Dog- its a thing!  Along with a note from your doctor, it allows you to bring your dog with you anywhere.  esa register

Therapy Dog Information : Service Dog Registry - Register Your Dog Here

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Super Secret iPhone Features and Shortcuts. Learned a few tips for my iPhone.

Ten Things People Believe About Service Dogs (That Simply Are Not True)

Ten Things People Believe About Service Dogs (That Simply Are Not True) Great article! Big difference between a therapy dog and a service dog.

Xander, el perro más feliz del mundo: Este Cachorro nació sin ojos...

Este Cachorro nació sin ojos y cuando veas lo que hace para

Last January, Xander was admitted to a local animal shelter. He was was adopted a few days later by Rodney Beedy. Meet Xander, The Impossibly Cute Blind Service Pug That Helps Victims Of Child Abuse

Dogs - Dealing With Dogs? What You Should Know First >>> Find out more at the image link. #Dogs

This is how Frankenstein sleeps. Interesting, quick read about dogs personality cues based on their security and how they sleep.

Service dogs come in all shapes & sizes. Even the smallest dog can detect medical issues before they arise.

I like a how a pit bull a rot and a german sherperd can be put down as mean dogs yet here are three that are service dogs. hmmm doesnt that tell us something

Portrait Of A Brittany Spaniel Photograph

Portrait Of A Brittany Spaniel Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Paul Damien

Our Service Dog Training.  Our dog opened it on her own to get the ketchup and chocolate sauce that she spread all over the living room, then pulled the freezer drawer open and took out chicken.  Turkey will probably not do it when told.

The Open Command Training Rope is designed to help train service dogs to open doors, cupboards, and anything else for their disabled handler.

Pug Puppy.  My cousin had a pug - very cute and what an amazing personality.

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