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Baby Elephant

On May a three-week-old Asian Elephant calf met her fans for the first time at the Saint Louis Zoo. Born April the female calf, named Priya, was with her mother Ellie and older sister Maliha at her debut.

Elephants mate for life and grieve their mates when they die. As we begin to understand their language, there is even more to learn, from who they choose to be.

I love elephants. One of the happiest times of my life was going to Africa to see them in the wild, close up.

C’est l’histoire de la viiiiiiie !

C'est l'histoire de la viiiiiiie !

baby elephant in the trunk of her mother, photo, black and white, animals, largest land mammal

Hotels-live.com/cartes-virtuelles #MGWV #F4F #RT Baby Elephant photography by  Michaelle Sole by animalglobe https://instagram.com/p/9jCENHrBG2/

Cuteness Alert - Baby Elephant Photography by: Michelle - For more amazing wildlife and nature posts at WildlifePlanet

Baby Elephant with Mom

Baby Elephant with Mom Seal Koala: Baby Animals And Their Moms Pictures The "deep sigh" moment.

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One Day Old Calf @ Elephant Conservation Centre, Thailand This little guy is so…


We rounded up 10 photos of the most adorable new additions to the animal kingdom. Check out this collection of tiny adventurers taking their first steps in their natural habitats from baby rhinos to tiny tigers.

Baby elephant drinking from water hole with its mouth; at that age they cannot drink with their trunks yet

From: I fucking love science Elephants don’t drink through their trunks, but they do use them to suck up water and bring it to their mouths. A fully grown elephant can hold an estimated 10 liters of water in their trunks to make drinking easier.

Luk Chai, a baby elephant born, 2009 in the Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Photo: Renee Doyle

Luk Chai, a baby elephant born, 2009 in the Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Photo: Renee Doyle When my sister saw this she said, "That's either a giant soccer ball or a tiny elephant!

that moment when water touches your balls....awe poor guy

Baby elephant in the water for the first time in his life Fascinating Pictures (

Brand new baby, protected by mom and allomothers (aunts, sisters, grandmothers, etc.),

Look how small the baby is.' and how the others of the herd nutures her. We could learn a thing or three from these lovely creatures that we are in the process of exterminating.