This in the bedroom also So Much . extra large giclee poster print of original painting Watercolor illustration

Sunflower Oil #Painting Original #Art by JBeaudetStudios on Etsy, $350.00 Jennifer Beaudet

I am not really quite sure where to pin this, but since it is a painting, I suppose it might go in the home. This is beautiful and I love it. Oil painting "A Jar Of Roses" 20 x 12 inches by Artist NORA KASTEN


Scott Naismith cumulus consonance vermilion cumulus sunset over rum loch fyne colour magenta rum scottish highland arran optimism electric sky cowal red struie hill barra shore

Samantha French received a BFA from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005.    Her work is inspired by memories of life in Minnesota, recalling warm summer days at the lake and commonly featuring figures immersed in the water or bathed in sun.............MINNESOTA♥

Brooklyn, NY artist Samantha French

Nice Water Reflections - "Fall In" - Samantha French, oil on canvas, 2010 {contemporary artist figurative underwater female woman painting}

Deconstructed Portraits by Henrietta Harris | iGNANT.de

Deconstructed Portraits by Henrietta Harris

by artist henrietta harris Emphasis by contrast-we know what a normal face looks like. All is well until the face shifts to the right creating a focal point. The first thing you would say you noticed about this painting is that the face is off centered.

ShapeOfShapes, 'my little misanthrope'

My Little Misanthrope Art Print

No title

Artist: Henrik Uldalen, oil on wood, 2012 {figurative art male head portrait man face cropped painting}