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12 and Clara goodbye

I literally cried at this part. Forgetting has always been the worst thing that can happen, in my mind. When Donna forgot I was so upset. When I thought Clara was going to forget, that was horrible. But when the Doctor forgot?

Doctor Who: After all her time with him she has basically become the doctor :') i love it!!

Doctor Who. I can only accept Clara's fate by not knowing how it all ends; and to know that she chose to spend her time with another lost soul: the girl who dies and the girl who can't, traveling the stars to their heart's content.

True. Too true.

This always hurt. Not just with Rose or the Ponds, but with all of his companions.


Tumblr Who #49

He didn't want her to become a murderer so he did it for her! I'm glad she didn't ignore him!<<<AGREE 100%

Do you ever wonder if the Doctor knew what Missy was up to with her Vortex Manipulator?

These have been the best years of my life, and they are mine ☺♥♥

Clara and Twelve. This scene ripped my hearts open and left me bleeding on the floor.

I liked this part because, besides Clara wanting to have fun and travel with this strange man she just met, she sees that it's not all fun and games, and she's fully aware of this. Other companions had thought that they would make it out alive no matter what because the Doctor will always save them. Clara sees the reality that this guy is amazing and will try his best to save the world, but she sees he might not be able to save everyone around her.

Clara is amazing, and so very, very real. I don't understand while people hate her.

Each Doctor has his moments where you have to step back and be very glad this man is not your enemy//When you realise that the Doctor would have actually done it.