I can't wait to have a clothes line! Crisp linens blowing in the breeze. Oh for the day!

Hanging quilts on the clothes line

A summer quilt hanging from the clothesline. Most of the linens and blankets used were there when they moved into the plantation, and still heavily used.

laundry on the line - remember how fresh and clean those sheets smelled

My house may be cluttered at times, but guests have always loved the smell of my home and the fresh sheets. Nothing replaces the great fresh air in Northern Maine off the Aroostook River.


17 Things Our Grandparents Did When “Green” Was Just A Color. This made me want to hang a clothesline. I can still remember the smell of my sheets my mom would hang dry outside, and it is such a great smell! Why don't I use a clothesline?

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I will always miss seeing clotheslines full of clothes. Maybe someday the weather/air quality will once again be in my favor.

Washing Tub, Scrub Board, Ringers to get the water out, Clothes Line to hang the laundry up.and using old Electric Caps to hold the clothes line in place LOL what memories this brought back!


Reminds me of my childhood growing up out in the dairy farm country.

One day this is how I'll do my laundry

Hanging your clothes outside to dry. My sweet Mom would hang our bed linens & sheets on the line in the spring! Oh I can still smell the sweetness!

Brabourne Farm: Wash Day

Wash hanging on the line in the sunshine . I can almost smell the freshness :)