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Get To Know The Color Wheel - Shade, Kate Smith,  Sensational Color.

Tone: The next circle of colors represent the tone of each hue. A tone is the hue mixed with true gray. The hue mixed with any amount of gray is considered a tone of the hue. On the color wheel only one tone is shown. This is the hue mixed with gray.

Prismacolor+Lessons | August 2012 Pencil Tips – Complementary Colors

August 2012 Pencil Tips – Complementary Colors

Prismacolor Color Wheel--love this one because it illustrates the corresponding hues. This was created by Janet Bionda.

Color wheel and Style: The Game of Matching | All That Women Like

This isn't about seasons, but it's a great article about combing colors in various ways: How to Combine Colours Using the Colour Wheel


Hue parents and child colors. Hue vs color, learn the difference and how important hue families are in color relationships and creating color schemes.

How to add a third color to your outfits

The tetrad relationship uses four colors that are chosen from every third color on the color wheel. Like the triad relationship, the name tetrad comes from the shape made between the colors. Orange/yellow-green/blue/red-purple is just one example.

Mod-Mood Quilt Along

Modern Mood Quilt Along by Sherri Lynn Wood: So that you can make your own amazing Mood Quilt.

The Munsell Color System is a way of precisely specifying colors and showing the…

The Munsell Color System is a way of precisely specifying colors and showing the relationships among colors. Every color has three qualities or attributes: h.

antique color wheel.

Color Wheel (Moses Harris, Moses Harris's chart was the first full-color circle. The 18 colors of his wheel were derived from what he then called the three 'primitive' colors: red, yellow and blue. At the center of the wheel, Harris showed that black

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Analogous Color Scheme: Composed of two or more harmonious or pleasing colors closely related that lie next to each other on the color wheel.