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French music book from c. 1475. Heart-shaped.

French music book, circa This heart-shaped songbook — the Chansonnier Cordiforme, also known as the Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu, consists of seventy-two parchment folios, in a heart shaped leather binding that opens to a double heart shape.

Book Lovers Map of America shows  landmarks of literary geography. This map is beautiful.

A Booklover’s Map of Literary Geography circa 1933

The Booklovers Map of America Showing Certain Landmarks of Literary Geography, a gem of a vintage map circa

Vadstena Observance, Medieval Limp Binding, linen cloth cover. 1451-1452, National Library of Sweden.

Limp cloth binding: Front cover Photo: István Borbás/National Library of Sweden Vadstena observance. Sweden, Medieval limp cloth binding of linen with three seals. Vadstena klosterregel Medeltida mjukt textilband i linne med tre sigill.

CODEX ROTUNDUS. Petit livre d'heures. Bruges, 1480. Diam. 9 cm. Miniatures de l'atelier du Hollandais Willem Date, actif 1450-1482. Hildesheim Cathedral Library, Germany

The “Codex Rotundus” owes its name to its round shape. It is a small book of hours cm diameter) made in Bruges in Thumbnails are most likely from the workshop of Dutchman Willem Date illuminator (active from 1450 to (Hildesheim Cathedral Library, Germany)

Haunted Hotel - Art Book - Livre Sculpture - altéré livre La sculpture entière est issue dun livre espagnol mis au rebut. Dimensiosn

Hotel Embrujado Libro intervenido Escultura por MalenaValcarcel, - a book has a way of comforting you like a child in a tree house, free to do whatever they like in privacy with just their imagination.

Au fil des jours : Photo

The Chansonnier Cordiforme or Chansonnier de Jean de Montchenu is a cordiform (heart-shaped) music manuscript. Collection Henri de Rothschild MS held in the Bibliothèque Nationale. Manuscript on parchment.

Livres en forme de coeur

Livres en forme de coeur

"Heart-Book" from the is the oldest Danish ballad manuscript, cover covering book book cover

posthorn: Le Chansonnier Cordiforme de Jean de Montchenu A heart-shaped manuscript commissioned in Savoy between 1460 and 1477, by Jean de Montchenu, bishop of Agen and Vivier. The work contains 43 songs in French and Italian; a facsimile (including recordings of the music) is available. 出典: danielmitsui.com

asylum-art: “ Heart-shaped medieval Books of Hours We know of only a few examples of heart-shaped Books of Hours, all dating from the or the century. Additional photos of several other such.

Ancient Indian manuscript. I love this style of bookmaking.

howlsamesame: Indian Palm Leaf Manuscript (via wood-yeah) nice design for a recipe collection.

ppc: "A stillroom book would contain recipes, family health information, treatments tried, but also notes and inspirations, things of importance to the household, anything and everything that would be meaningful to the next generation. These books were handed down the maternal line and were prized possessions, some were even later published."

Rare century book on botany on display at the Herbarium library of London's Royal Botanic Gardens.