Learning About Stars from Mama Smiles

Astronomy for Littles: Learning About Stars

Papier Mache Moon Nightlight - did you know you could use watered-down school blue to make papier mache?

Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do With Balloons

- Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do With Balloons - demonstrate sound waves, static electricity, how muscles work, equal/opposite reactions .

Marshmallow Shooter Kids Activity: Over 30 feet!

Made these last summer & the kids loved them! Marshmallow Shooter Kids Activity - Great for SUMMER BUCKET LIST! Uses things you have laying around. Marshmallow went over 30 feet!

Kids Astronomy - A Moonlight Night Light Craft from BabbaBox - B-InspiredMama.com

Kids Astronomy Paper Mache Night Light Craft from BabbaBox at B-Inspired Mama

CucitoCafè - Bologna

Learning how to use a sewing machine and a linky full of other after school activities for elementary school aged kids.

Lemon Meringue Slime | Epic Childhood

Lemon Meringue Slime

: Lemon Meringue Slime- it's made with tonic water that glows under a blacklight- I'm thinking about just pouring with flat tonic water.

Number Constellations

Space Theme

Number Punching Write a number on a half sheet of construction paper. Children poke holes through the paper along the lines using a toothpick (on soft surfaold like carpet). Hold paper up to light or light table and see tiny stars in the shape of number.

Astronomy: Galaxies from Mama of Many Blessings

Galaxy experiment - how speed of rotation (gravity) affects the shape of galaxies - Science for home