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Arma la vela al Foco della Luna

Water -- one of nature's most powerful forces. And beautiful to boot. I love the finger of the lighthouse standing up to the huge waves, as if to say, "Is that all you've got?

Dieses Bäumchen wirkt schon fast wie ein Kunstwerk.

Life is always searching and finding ways to survive and expand! Death begets life: A small fir tree (which as become a bonsai) growing atop a dead log in the waters of Fairy Lake, near Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada

4246 by peter holme iii on 500px. ||  ♡ My daughter loves lighthouses. This would be perfect as inspiration to create one from clay! ♥A

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A re-edit of this one, I've struggled with previous outcomes, but feel quite comfortable with this one now. It's my beloved lighthouse on New Brighton's Perch Rock. It's no longer in use. As you see it gets battered regularly by quite fierce seas. It faces the stormy Irish Sea which throws frequent wobblies this way. Personally I'd love to spend a day up there in a storm what a thrill! But it's one of those rides you can't get off til it's over :o

If you've never weathered the storm, you'll never appreciate the calm sea. Lighthouse in an Irish Sea Storm -New Brighton's Perch Rock


AR MEN lighthouse - belongs to "HELL" lighthouses places category - 33 meters…


Imagine standing there- Phare du Four - Finistère - Bretagne - France / Lighthouse.

Lighthouse in a storm.   #famfinder

Rage in color, By Veselin Malinov. An amazing picture. Exquisite composition, with the interesting, eye-catching shape made by the waves and the burst of color in the form of the lighthouse amidst the waves.

Stand against the Storm

IMPACT by maria joao arcanjo.What a storm that must be brewing!makes an incredibly beautiful picture!

The Paard van Marken ("Horse of Marken") is a lighthouse on the Dutch peninsula Marken, on the IJsselmeer.

"Het paard van Marken" ("The Horse of Marken") - lighthouse on the Dutch peninsula Marken, on the IJsselmeer. Built in 1839 by J. A primitive lighthouse was on the location since the early Current lighthouse is a Rijksmonument since


Tillamook Rock Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast--It's on a tiny island just off…


Sunset at Yaquina Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon ~ SOOO close to my home :) One of my favs.

Ar-Men 7

Photo of light house under attack from the sea at Ar Men - Phare en Bretagne

Vladimir Kush - sunrise by the ocean (2000)

Sunrise by the ocean (Vladimir Kush, 2000)

Vladimir Kush Sunrise by the Ocean painting for sale - Vladimir Kush Sunrise by the Ocean is handmade art reproduction; You can shop Vladimir Kush Sunrise by the Ocean painting on canvas or frame.

What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?                                                        A swirling sea of plastic bags, bottles and other debris is growing in the North Pacific, and now another one has been found in the Atlantic. But how did they get there? And is there anything we can do to clean them up?

What is the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch?

In fact, Earth's largest landfill isn't on land at all. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch stretches for hundreds of miles across the North Pacific Ocean, forming a nebulous, floating junk yard on the high seas.