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Jasmine wedding dress

Princess Jasmine in her wedding dress. Jasmine's wedding dress is my favorite of the Disney Gal's wedding dresses. Look at that draping in the front! Created by Gary Anderson aka

Jasmine's wedding dress in the King of Thieves. Made with Azaleas Dolls', Heroine Maker Jasmine { Wedding Dress }

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I loved Disney's Aladdin. It was more of a grown up kind of Disney movie - Robin Williams was brilliant as the voice of the Geenie - so funn.


Jasmine and her horse. For chestnuts you could transform your horse into a tiger since that's what Jasmine has. From the movie Alladin


Wallpaper and background photos of Princess Jasmine for fans of Disney Princess images.

princess jasmine (poor iago)  -  commission by nightwing1975; LOVE

this is a piece i was asked to do of princess jasmine as she appeared in the episode of disneys aladdin animated series entitled 'poor iago'. please feel free to check the other princess jasmine pi.

Which Disney princess does your personality resmble best? (1937-1998)

Which Disney Princess Are You Most Like? (1937-1998)

30 day Disney challenge day 6 prettiest princess honestly they're all pretty. Princess Jasmine is one of the few princesses who aren't white so I'll pick her

disney fusion: Ariel and Merida by Willemijn1991 on DeviantArt

A new series in which I mix 2 disney princesses into 1 This is a mix of Ariel and Merida, her name is Maria Hope you like her Anna + Ari. disney fusion: Ariel and Merida