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This is sooooo me. Unfortunately.

At my rink when I go to an open skate (instead of freestyle) they have a playlist and this song is on it so when this part comes I like to fall on purpose.

yes! I get so jealous of people who can adjust to newly sharpened skates in one session...

My coach literally told me (when I tripped after getting my blades sharpened) "if you aren't deathly frightened of falling, your blades aren't sharp enough.

Funny figure skating ice meme picture

Maybe my mom was in the olympics for figure skating, so she is the muggleborn. She is my coach, so when I go to Hogwarts, I feel free

Funny figure skating

I don't socialise with the other skaters, and I only dislike the people who think the whole ice belongs to them.

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Hahaha yassss my coach always tells me: :Just cause its called a camel spin doesnt mean ur suposed to have humps

I was talking to my friends and they kept guessing what some figure skating terms are and I asked this on and they thought I killed camels while spinning