DIY Kawaii Cheesecake Polymer Clay Tutorial

It& Cheese Cake time on Kawaii friday, yay! ^___^ In this video I show you how to make a cute cheesecake charm in clay, you can make other toppings too of y.

aCupOfCakeTV - YouTube

How to make a cute little Lime Pie charm in polymer clay ^___^ You can change the color and decoration for many more yummie designs!

Kawaii Donut earphones / buds polymer clay tutorial

How to make your earphones a bit sweeter ;) In this tutorial I show you how to make kawaii Donuts for your earphones!

Simple Chubby Mamegoma Tutorial: Polymer Clay DIY. - YouTube

I make polymer clay charms and miniatures/figurines, and this channel has a bunch of tutorials on how I make them :.