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I still like making blanket forts and doodling on myself, why would I be ready to answer your question with anything other than "I want to be an author, actress, and traveler"?

HAHAHA haha... Ha... Yeah. So much for being the next Tomb Raider *sigh*

Also I've watched enough Supernatural episodes to know that exploring abandoned places=getting murdered by angry spirits.


I get complimented by strangers and I'm like oh thanks but if my friends compliment me I begin screaming

Pretty much.

I have never understood this mentality. We were constantly too young, too uninformed for everything." Then we magically became "older" overnight + everything was just THROWN at us

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I'm nearly blind without glasses and I've needed new lenses for over two years now but I can't afford it. How wrong is it that I can't afford to see properly and have to deal with daily headaches and dizziness and shit like that?