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terrascape by GreenDeep Have you ever heard before about Terrascaping? This is the new frontier in Paludariums and Ripariums. There are incredible things out there… check it out here. I want this aquarium


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GREENDEEP 45X45-大前门的亚马逊

“绿悦” Crystal size: This crystal ball style tend to be more simple, native landscape miniaturization ~ ~ more detail pictures, please.

Simple cork tube build with extensive plant list of mini broms and orchids

Vivarium - Simple cork tube build with extensive plant list of mini broms and orchids.

9 months has gone since I started this up. No mosses was added.  I had one small outbreak of fungus gnats that affected some of the Lellingerias and a couple of Hymenophyllums. I treated with nematodes and all got back on track.  Here is how it looked at start www.flickr.com/photos/lika_sweden/6948064694/in/photostream/

To make a vivarium piece that gives you the impression that a piece of rainforest branch with epiphytes has been