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Which "Friends" Character Are You?...I got Charlie (Charlie...You’re brilliant, classy, and you’re in a cool field of work, but your taste in lovers is all over the place). Hmmm

Which "Friends" Character Are You?

TV posters -Friends posters: Friends poster featuring the Friends characters sharing milkshake. This Friends poster features all the main characters;

I try not to make it obvious...especially when I bring it up in almost every conversation

As I'm dressed as Enjolras standing on the barricade I built in my bedroom.

WOW ...three of my  favourite TV shows ever,,,, How I Met Your Mother , The Big Bang Theory and Friends ......

How to make a successful sitcom

I worked there for a short time over the holidays, was walking to the backroom with some freight I was done with and saw a little boy crying, so I stopped and asked if I could help him, he said he lost his mom, I said I would help find her, told him to come with me, walked out into the main aisle, and hollered, "Marco!!" His parents hollered back "POLLO!!" and came running

15 Friendship Goals That Don't Actually Make Sense

Someone posted a whisper, which reads "I was at Target and a girl lost her friend and she said "Marco" then 2 aisles down you hear "Pollo".