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Mi evolucion de eevee favorita  :3

digletts-feet: “ What’s your favourite pokemon type? Mines ice -Seth Glaceon Ice Shard by ishmam ” Poison type master race.

Leafeon | Razor Leaf by ishmam

Leafeon used Razor Leaf! If you've been a long-time watcher, this might look familiar. I decided to update my Leafeon Power Portrait, both with a slight.

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Aura Sphere by ishmam on deviantART. One of my favorite pokemon

Glaceon | Ice Shard by ishmam on DeviantArt

Glaceon used Ice Shard! Took about hours using a Wacom Bamboo tablet and PaintTool SAI.

Resultado de imagem para charizard wallpaper

Mega Pidgeot used Hurricane! Sorry for the lack of Pokemon art lately! My Pokemon Power Por.

Jolteon used Shock Wave! And with that, I've finished all the Eeveelutions to date! Here's the shiny version. And you can be sure of Sylveon once X and Y are out. Enjoy! This one took about an hour...

Espeon used Psybeam! My Pokemon Power Portrait Series Posters


Let's get Imagine shining your flashlight into the woods and seeing this. Trevenant using Shadow Claw! More spooky Pokem.

Kabutops used Aqua Jet! My Pokemon Power Portrait Series Posters

Sneasel | Night Slash by ishmam on DeviantArt

Sneasel used Night Slash! Sneasel is one of my favorite Pokemon and I knew Night Slash would b.

Emboar | Heat Crash by ishmam.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Emboar used Heat Crash! I decided to continue on with Fire-starter evolutions since doing Charizard

【ポケモン】御三家15匹+α【和風】 [12]

Post with 12080 votes and 173476 views. Shared by Pokemon as Traditional Japanese Art

Ninetales | Will-O-Wisp Postcard

Ninetales used Will-O-Wisp! My Pokemon Power Portrait Series Posters