This is how I want me hair but more black than platinum!! @Tara Harmon Harmon biersack

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silver & black hair - i love the black underneath! But I think the silver should be a bit brighter and maybe more tones

Grey Gray Streaks In Hair |

Grey Gray Streaks In Hair |

Blanco & negro absolutely love this

"black and white hair, looks bad ass like this! White hair my new obsession.

Black and blue... I adore the cut, the color is just a bonus.

Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise Hair Dye I keep coming back to this.its a good, doable length. I can have my black hair, but not be washed out because the color frames mah face!

The top essential oils for hair growth and is lemon oil good for hair?

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You won’t believe the latest clinical results for using essential oils for hair! How to use essential oils for dry hair, plus the most effective essential oil for hair growth.

egg mask for hair growth

DIY Egg Mask for Hair Growth