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Add House Plants to Home Decor to Improve Air Quality

Indoor plants are excellent green home decorations that help naturally improve the air quality in eco homes

GROWTH: Chậu cây origami với khả năng lớn dần theo rễ cây - Kenh14.vn

Ayaskan Studio has designed an original origami-pot that adapts to plant growth. Studio Ayaskan was formed by Bike and Begum Ayaskan

~Angel Trumpets. This perennial blooms at night and the smell is amazing.  This Perennial will re-seed...

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Angels' trumpets - Brugmansia -It's extremely fragrant too! Moon Garden idea to add to green + white garden.

Curly Bamboo. Houseplants with a twist.

Green Plants: How They Clean the Air


Large Faceted Planters An interesting perspective with these planters, not a curved line it sight, yet the planters create a sense of curves.

Martha's Home: Decorating with Houseplants

Martha's Home: Decorating with Houseplants

antique cast-iron stands with variegated ivy, Hedera helix cv; and rainbow moss, Selaginella uncinata. Bartok the cat sits on a green chair.


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14 DIY ideas for your garden decoration 7

Growing Tomatoes 'Italian Grandfather Style'—'Sweet Cluster' Spiral 3

Growing tomatoes “Italian grandfather style”—‘Sweet Cluster’ salad tomatoes trained to one leader and spiralled up a stake. @ its-a-green-li.

@ kinzie! Love these for our living room :)

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Quality of Air  #worstairquality #pollutedstate #pollutedcities

This infographic ties clean air and air quality issues with human experience and health. Great tool to get people thinking about the issues in a more dynamic, holistic way.