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Walter Barrera fills a bottle with tap water and electrolyte powder, shaking the solution as he walks down the stairs of his porch.

Depression affects almost 6.7 percent of the U.S. population. If you or a loved one is currently battling the demons of depression, the Florida Depression Helpline will help you connect with the best depression centers in Florida. Depression rehab center in Florida will help you with every step of your recovery.

Australia's peak suicide prevention body reports an alarming increase in the rate of suicide among women.

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Our husbands need our prayers. Oddly enough they need us to pray for their prayer lives. An approach to helping him out with his relationship with God. Specific scripture to pray over him.

Cambiar de sistema operativo siempre suele ser traumático. Uno se acostumbra a pequeños truquillos o atajos que le hacen la vida más fácil, y cuando se enfrenta a un nuevo sistema donde los recursos que suele utilizar ya no funcionan, puede llegar a desesperarse.

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In 2009 an estimated emergency room visits were caused by opiate overdose events, and that number has only risen since. Don't let you or someone you love become part of that statistic! You can recover from opiate addiction - find the help you need!