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Dimensions: x (L x W) (inches) The bones are divided with shells and glass beads. Antique bronze bone-fish charm and prosperity coin enhance his lovely tail fin. Fish has a beautiful smoky blue glaze on both sides can hang as a wind chime.

Clay fish with different designs.                                                                                                                                                     More

Clay fish with different designs - perfect for or graders to tie into their salmon project. Can be turned into hanging art/ wind chimes

Cold Comfort Pottery: Funky Fish

This is a series of new fish Karen is working on called "Funky Fish"

FuNkY FiSh Handmade Ceramic by Cold Comfort by ColdComfortPottery

FuNkY FiSh Handmade Ceramic by Cold Comfort by ColdComfortPottery. but why not try the concept with recycled goodies?

So cute

Hand Carved Copal Wood Deer Bowl Set / from Guillermina Santa Ana. This is adorable! The deer heads are so cute! Such a good idea.

Taller de cerámica para niños… » Bajo el cielo hay…

Pattern Small Sculpture Ball to Texture Clay -- DIY Sculpture Prints Tool or Stamp. via Etsy.