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'Till The Very End

Brock from Pokémon Can Drive, Pilot, or Operate Almost Anything

Brock from Pokémon Can Drive, Pilot, or Operate Almost Anything

If Pokémon were superheroes

If Pokémon were superheroes

"If Pokémon were superheroes" Disregard franchise differences in the name of Pokemon! <-- I'm not even educated in the ways of Pokemon but that description. <----- You need Pokemans in ur life.

Prinz Cake : Photo >>>> UGH, I can relate! I had trouble choosing between Instinct and Mystic, but in the end I chose Mystic.

I finally chose team instinct because I kinda felt bad for it because it is do underrated compared to the other teams. Would've chosen Mystic otherwise.

Silver and Kris/Lyra - Pokemon I remember always fighting him in the game!!! Awe!! So adorable!!

This is What Happens When it Suddenly Starts to Drizzle. I'm sorry but I don't ship it.

#2 is a lie!!!! Bulbasaur never evolved nor did he want to evolve! Fix your mistake... BULBASAUR RULES!

Funny Pokemon Facts I think since Bulbasaur didn't evolve, Squirtle doesn't count as the only none-evolved. Also, someone forgot Pikachu didn't evolve either.

The saddest moment of my childhood - Pokèmon Movie - I still cry at this scene

The saddest moment of my childhood

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human battle // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - silver and gold

How Pokemon live inside a Pokeball

Life inside a Pokeball. Did anyone notice nurse joy sleeping with pikachu in the ultra ball?