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Tom Hiddleston and his other “Lokis” on the set of Marvel’s The Avengers

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Loki with some spare Lokis. "Tom Hiddleston with his body doubles in the background, for the multiplication scene in The Avengers. Taken from Alex Kip’s (one of the body doubles) website

How adorable! Be sure we all want to hug you too cause you're OUR inspiration,baby :)<<< AMEN!!.

I am ready for that hug, Tom<< I'm taking this as a promise Tom. <<<< i want that hug

Tom Hiddleston gif - SDCC 2013. Only the best gif in all of gif history

Tom Hiddleston gif - SDCC Only the best gif in all of gif history ~~~ I wish I could go to ComicCon

OMG you too?! his first scene came on and i pointed straight at the screen and was like "WHO IS THAT?!" i got shhhh'd and everything.

Yah pretty much. My friend was all over Thor and I'm over there like, do you not see that beautiful creation sitting next to him? Loki fan from the start!

I love these two!!

Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. I wonder if it's awkard for Benedict when Tom gets hit on first.