Vintage Little Miss Christmas paper dolls, via Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams.

Kathleen Taylor's Dakota Dreams: Thursday Tab- Merrill Little Miss Christmas and Holly Belle

Girl Pilots of the Ferry Command

Girl Pilots of the Ferry command

Here& a lovely uncut original book of Girl Pilots of the Ferry command.

Leslie Caron Paper Doll by Marilyn Henry - Katerine Coss - Picasa Webalbum

Store Marie, Lille Marie & Sorte Marie paper dolls / Gerda Vinding, Danish artist, 1921-1987

Marie Dolls came in Marie Biscuits packages - Little Marie and Black Marie (around posted online by Ingrid Molzen, Denmark - black / African / person of color

Iben Clante

Red-haired paper doll drawn by Iben Clante, Denmark, 1977 of

Adorable vintage paper doll set from Denmark! This paper doll book depicts a sweet young girl on the cover. When opened a nursery scene pops-up complete with all kinds of cool stuff like, a bassinet, a tiny bed, toys and a dressing table. These mentioned items are attached and meant to stay that way. There are 3 punch-out dolls. Vivi, her baby sister, and a basket of kittens. The final two pages are punch outs of costumes for both Vivi and the baby. Everything is in excellent condition…

Paper Doll Set With Pop-Up Nursery 1960's Vivi

1932 Gullet and Per Paper Dolls.This From Kattie Klippdocker - MaryAnn - Picasa Webalbum

Brenda Starr * 1500 free paper dolls The International Paper Doll Society @QuanYin5 #QuanYin5 Arielle Gabriel artist *

BRENDA STARR* 1500 free paper dolls at Arielle Gabriel's The Internatioal Paper Doll Society and Arielle Gabriel's art, prints, paintings as well.

Puppet forum "Dolly" Retro ", Vintage. "Puppet forum

Puppet forum "Dolly" Retro ", Vintage. "Puppet forum