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Oh Morgana, you were so sweet and kind and brave, you put up with Arthur and Uther and for that you should get a special award. But you let hate twist you, and it ended badly for everyone.

Katie McGrath, Irish actress

Katie McGrath, Irish actress like my heroine (only she's looking more sultry than my shy gal!think my heroine will be named Britta

Katie McGrath

Photo of Morgana (Katie McGrath) Season 5 Promo for fans of Merlin on BBC.

Katie McGrath

Raven Holloway, Rayna's best friend and research partner as a lab technologist - and secretly a half-wolf ( Katie McGrath)

Morgana Pendragon and her Davy Jones hair. Haha. She makes it look good.

I am THE Lady Morgana Pendragon, the most powerful witch that ever was, but, of course, you knew that already. My birth parents were Uther Pendragon and Vivienne. My half-sibling are Arthur and Morgause.

She already is a badass.” - Katie McGrath owns my gay heart

I love her hair... she reminds me of Alzia. Probably because I watched Merlin to write her. K.R Dawson

I love her hair. she reminds me of Alzia. Probably because I watched Merlin to write her.R Dawson

she seems more attractive as evil morgana, or maybe its just all the black she wears then lol

Merlin To End With Series Five Finale

katie mcgrath as Morgana on Merlin. Literally my favorite actress and she did phenomenally on all those seasons of Merlin as the evil Morgana