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Homemade Vanilla Extract | Real Food Kosher /   http://www.realfoodkosher.com/homemade-vanilla-extract/

Make your own homemade vanilla extract for an affordable and high quality vanilla flavor for your baking and cooking.

making vanilla extract - I make with Brandy and still have my original bottle from just added another one so I can switch them out as I make more :)

Make your own vanilla extract. Just one more reason to have a good amount of alcohol your house! For the love if baking!

Simple how to instructions make your own homemade vanilla extract using vanilla beans and vodka alcohol. Can work with bourbon as well!

DIY Vanilla Extract: place a few beans in a jar slicing one open and seal and leave for 4-6 weeks

DIY Vanilla Extract: place a few beans in a jar slicing one open and seal and leave for weeks

lifes real moments: In my best pirate voice, grrr. The gluten free van...

Vanilla extract with alcohol or food glycerin if you don't want to use alcohol. Here's how to make vanilla extract at home, with or without alcohol. If you start now, your amazing vanilla will be ready in time for holiday gift giving!

Homemade Vanilla Extract by sustainableecho, via Flickr

Homemade vanilla extract and the shop bought one are worlds apart. Make your own vanilla extract. It will take you only 5 minutes.

One of the most lovely gifts I've ever received during the Holidays was a bottle of homemade vanilla extract. The picture is shown above. I was very touched because I really appreciate the thoughtfulness of handmade gifts.    In

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Make this vanilla extract! - ("The ridiculously easy method for making the best tasting vanilla extract that will save you a bundle at the store.") - Healthy Home Economist

How To Make Vanilla Bean Extract | Mommypotamus

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Make homemade vanilla extract with vanilla beans, rum (or vodka or bourbon), and a glass bottle.

I know, I know...it's too soon to talk about that December holiday when we give gifts.   But if you want to make homemade vanilla extract (and I know you do!), you need to get started now!

How to Make Vanilla Extract

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Homemade Vanilla Extract & Creative Gift Packaging

How to make DIY vanilla extract! tired of paying an arm and a leg for it in the store.

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Making Vanilla Extract