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Happy birthday Leo! You are one of the strongest demigods, learning to use your humour to lighten the mood and your skills to save the seven and calypso xx

Leo Valdez

"Leo had taken on Khione herself. While fighting a goddess should've been suicide, Leo was the right man for the job. Leo burned through all of it" (The Lost Hero).

toastchild: “I’m Leo Valdez, Bad Boy Supreme. ”<<super sized mcshizzle

toastchild: “I’m Leo Valdez, Bad Boy Supreme. ”<<super sized mcshizzle<<< "Baby I invented scrawny!"<<< (they forgot the kiss mark)

Heroes de Olimpo

The seven plus Nico in New Rome. Probably the most accurate fanart of the seven I've seen so far. And Leo in the corner.

LEO VALDEZ. Amy, if you don't know who leo is,then BOY do i feel bad for you!

viria fan art LEO VALDEZ<<he is my fictional character crush, at least from the Heroes of Olympus series

Leo Valdez! I think he's my favorite (tied with Percy). Also, this fan art of him is amazing.

My favorite in the entire fandom universe! (Other than the dragons in our midst series, some of those characters tie with Leo)

Read Chp 4 - Percy's POV from the story A Different Reality (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by RahCol with 934 reads. Percy woke up with the.

I hate pj official art

Couldn't be more true----- we should let the fans take over the fanart for the series. Uncle Rick should hire Viria and what was that other one Burdge? Uncle Rick think about it ;

http://burstinglight.tumblr.com/post/34653839186 <- I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS SCENE TO BE DRAWN. YEEESSSSS!!!!

**MoA spoiler** BAHAHAHA and this is why Percabeth will always be my OTP in this fandom. XD <- This is my favorite moment from MOA. I love how she drops it and Percy is just "Seems strange.

Leo: yup that's right I'm the boy on fire!! Me: *puts out his flame with a water gun* lol nope!!

Leo: yup that's right I'm the boy on fire! Me: *puts out his flame with a water gun* lol nope!>>> Leo is so hot that the water will evaporate before it hits him, stupid mortal!