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There was a tragic lack of green space in their first apartment, but thanks to Louise's green thumb they had potted plants on every available surface

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for the sun porch. Again, move to a house with a sun porch and window by the sink!

Introducing New Worlds With A Shrug: Insides: Serena Mitnik-Miller

A macrame plant hanger is a great idea for any space. Throw it back to style with an adorable macrame plant hanger! Add more greenery and life to room!

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This garden is in Long Beach.] Cactus in the sculpture garden of the Museum of Latin American Art, Long Beach CA. Various environmental factors in the garden resulted in the motley appearance of this plant.

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64+Indoor Plant Ideas to Beauty Your Small Home

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Clamp TraysClamp Trays can be used as an accessory for the home, screwed onto any surface like the window, bookshelf or a table. Large, green (25 cm) € 60/SEK 590Small, green (15 cm) € 50/SEK 490Email us for order or press loan. Photo credits: Viktor Sjödin.

navet clamp tray green plants NICE idea, I would change the pots and .

Cacti mingling with other house plants

Need to build this: You could make this in-between beams in an open space so plants can grow on both sides and you interior space still has an "open" feel


Home of Kristen Ossman - owner of Brooklyn floral design studio Pretty Street Botanicals. Photos by Nicole Franzen. The table.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig does amazing in the home- reminiscent of a prehistoric sculpture or a plant that doubles as an art piece.

Inspiration: Bringing Bigger Plants Indoors

I'm currently in love with Ficus Lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig trees). I want it desperately in my house, but sadly, they are toxic to dogs, so alas - no Fiddle Leaf for Ridgewood.