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Love is a weird thing by DiachanX on DeviantArt

It's the same thing as foxes being bigger than hedgehogs xD .just think about comparing Charmy to Vector what's funnier is that Silvaze is the only pa. Love is a weird thing

woops. art (c) ~Faezza characters (c) SEGA idea (c) ~Memokkeen

art (c) ~Faezza characters (c) SEGA idea (c) ~Memokkeen

10 minute doodle hoho Going back to school I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do some Sonic doodles during the classes xD //100 FAVS FOR THIS PIECE OF SHIT??? YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY CRAZY 

The exams start on Monday, wish me luck guys ; (I've got Polish on Monday (basic), Maths on Tuesday, English on Wednesday (basic+advanced) and Polish (advanced) on Thursday + oral exam in Polish .

Sudden Realization~ Ami x Silh by Siinnack.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I like the idea where somewhere far away, Sonia or Sonica (Sonic) is married to Samuel (Sally) and Ami (Amy) joined G. Ami had a mission with Silhou. Sudden Realization~ Ami x Silh

Fear The Power of the Flame by Sonicguru.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Sonic Riders Anime style of Blaze the Cat. Fear The Power of the Flame

sonic characters as humans anime - Google Search

sonic the hedgehog human version gijinka, knuckles the echidna, rouge the bat


Blaze the Cat Sketch w/ Speedpaint by Cyan-Creek on DeviantArt