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I& been into full armour designs lately. Which is a first for me cos I& always preferred sleek, dynamic forms like the Exia.



The online portfolio of Clayton Barton showcases a collection of Digital Illustration, Concept Art, Sculpting and Modelling created by Clayton Barton

Compilation of art that I've made for my personal project TankHead thus far. Will keep updating this project with newer pieces as I make them!

Robot Illustration, Character Modeling, Si Fi, Fantasy Armor, Sci Fi Characters, Anime Artwork, Katana, Gundam, Chibi

Jan Buragay is a freelance artist from The Philippines who has a knack for sketching anime-stlye mechs and starships just the way I like ‘em.

Commander Shepard, You're Looking Awfully Dangerous Today

Robot Illustration, Robot Design, Robot Art, Monster Characters, Sci Fi Characters, Anime Artwork, Samurai Concept, Armour, Gundam