Peachskin by Nirrimi Joy Hakanson    I love freckles! I wish so many people weren't self-conscious  about them. They're gorgeous!

Freckles as a Beauty Statement? Some people like their freckles and others hate them. With these portraits I believe we can say that bea.

Peek a boo?

We fool ourselves into thinking our happiness is found in large expensive things. Happiness is provided in the little things. Small acts by ordinary folk.


African-Americans With Green, Grey, Hazel or Blue Eyes, Naturally Blonde or Red (Ginger) Hair, and Freckles

Faces of Saudi Arabia - by Ali Thamer, via Flickr

Bahrain girl in traditional clothing. Bahrain is an island country made up of 33 islands forming an archipelago. The country is joined to Saudi Arabia by the King Fahd Causeway.

Buryat woman. The Buryats are the largest indigenous group in Siberia, mainly concentrated in their homeland, the Buryat Republic, a federal subject of Russia.

Young Buryat girl in traditional dress, Lake Baikal, Buryatia, Russia. © Photo by Pavel Ageychenko, BaikalNature Team

Edward Steichen, American, born Luxembourg, 1879-1973.

Actress Gloria Swanson, captured through lace by photographer Edward Steichen. Gloria Swanson photograph taken by Edward Steichen

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Freckles: Beauty Photography by Maja Topčagić

Hot girls with freckles. There is something about a girl that has freckles that drive men crazy. Red hair and freckled face girls.