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Western Dragon

~~~ Realistic shaded commission with a speedpaint background for of FA featuring their gorgeous neon dragoness! Loooved working on this gal, . Comish - Slip Into The Darkness

Comish - X Marks the Spot by TwilightSaint

~~~ Result of my latest YCH 'Your-Character-Here' Auction-Style piece, a Realistic Shaded Commission for KristaX of FurAffinity of Treasure, the Dutch A. Comish - X Marks the Spot

Soaring by Akayana

Bird's eye view, awake the stars 'cause they're all around you Wide eyes, will always brighten the blue Chase your dreams, and remember me, sweet braver.

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Art by weremoon

Art by weremoon

My dragons body.. Kinda

Coreene Callahan's Dragon Tip – Never let a lightning dragon talk you into flying with him during a thunderstorm. Sure, the view will be magnificent until you discover he enjoys being struck by lightning and you come back half-baked and charbroiled.