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Sailor Moon & Goku 'A Whole New World' flying carpet cloud

Sailor moon tattoos

They are lucky cat versions of Luna and Artemis from ‘Sailor Moon’. She has Luna on her left forearm, and I have Artemis on my right. They were done by my main man Doug in Columbus, Indiana, who I attribute a lot of my tattoos to.

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gurogurogirls: New sailor moon tattoo, we’re doing color on it on Sunday! By Anna Spitz of TRX Tattoos, St.

Sailor Moon tattoo done by Hollywood at Fan Expo Canada 2012! #FanExpoCan #tattoo #art

Sailor Moon tattoo finished by Hollywood at Fan Expo Canada *** Look into even more at the picture link

This the other design I want to get, all the planetary signs, including Earth, but excluding the Dark Moon one.

tattoome-tattoomenot: “ sorryboutthatink: “ fuckyeahtattoos: “ Melvin Arizmendi - email for appointments - San Diego, CA ” ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it’s really well done! ” See now THIS is a bomb ass Sailor Moon tattoo!

Sailor Moon/Hayao Miyazaki crossover tattoo. Luna and Jiji!

fuckyeahtattoos: My Sailor Moon/Hayao Miyazaki tribute tattoo! hours of pain sure paid off. Done by the wonderful Gin Hicks of Icon Tattoo. She has done of my tattoos, and I couldn’t recommend her any more highly.