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Psst! Dry Shampoo...I used this when I was in the hospital when I was was

psssssst dry shampoo Even Susan Dey used this! I remember having to use this dry shampoo when I was in the hospital as a little girl. I lived in the hospital for about a month.

                              70s hair

The Shag Hairstyle seems to be a hit with a twist for a new hairstyle trend. The brought out much style in the hair game and the shag was one of

Christmas 1972 | Christmas 1972. Shelley Hack. | 1970's | Pinterest

1972 - Yes, large collar, sweater vest & bell bottoms. This is how girls dressed in the early to mid Guys too ( for the most part).

Sun In - 1970 - Sun In helped bleach the hair. We would apply it and then go sit in the sun.

1970 Sun-In! I used this every time I went to the beach growing up in California! And in the winter months you could spray and blow dry and the heat activated instant bleaching too! It turned my hair orange blonde, but I thought I was sooo way cool.


It took hot rollers to get my hair close to this style! Farrah Fawcett Wella Balsam ad, The iconic layered hairstyle was created by Allen Edwards in 1974 and would be adopted by millions of women.

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fringe trim scotch tape ad This must be the ad my mom saw when she cut my bangs. The tape slipped and my bangs were NOT even and way short.

In junior high we wore ''brush rollers'' to bed, yes to bed! In high school it was hard rollers in bright ''pink''. Those didn't move much where the brush rollers did. It wasn't nearly as painful with the ''brush'' rollers!

prickly brush rollers - how on earth did we sleep in them? sometimes we even used clean soup cans, opened at both ends, for softer curls

brush rollers and net.  Honestly I still have dents in my head from these things & the plastic picks!

Sleeping with hard brush rollers and nets!so if I spent the night with her, and went to bed with wet hair.


Back before blow dryers, there were Brush Rollers! We actually slept in these things. Pink plastic picks held them in place, And they HURT! I have curly hair so my rollers were 3 times that size.