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Tim Burton ♥

Creepy eyes dolls Omg love this movie little funny but very understanding love the corpse well mostly the corpse is my favorite charecter too!


'Frankenweenie' -- Major Con: personal feeling of disconnection. Some Pro: Great style, mood, decent story

Jack Skeleton (Nightmare Before Christmas), Beetlejuice, Emily (Coprse Bride), Edward Scissorhands - All awesome Tim Burton Movies!

Nightmare Before Christmas + Beetlejuice + Corpse Bride + Edward Scissorhands = Tim Burton/The Best Director Ever

Frankenweenie - victor reminds me of Logan

My style looks a lot like Tim Burton's style and I wanted my characters like that because it make is more creepy and its my style so.

A list of fan art inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas combined with another reference.

#Frankenweenie - Weird Girl #maquette - Nathan Flynn

Joshua Flynn on

I would like Weird Girl from Tim Burton's Frankenweenie for tattoo.