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Ira Chernova — photography - Ira Chernova is a Photographer from Moscow, Russia.

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The cast of Full House: Where are they now? I didn& know Danny is the voice of future Ted on how I met your mother!

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Not many things marred the magnificent Antipodean Games in although the constant heckling and protesting by rabid, radical, feral lobby groups occasionally cast a dull shadow on events.

This is the moment I realize that our traumas never really go away..png

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Melissa Cartagena

Sometimes I feel exactly like this; like I'm drowning, I can't breathe, I'm out of my depth.just treading water in life generally.

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Scott Mutter- one my favorite photographers!

There are tree roots coming out of the house, which is unusual because there's a house above the roots, not a tree. The house with the roots are the center of interest. The lines of the roots catches my attention and leads up to the house.

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People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Much Happier

Elite Daily article "People Who Spend Money On Experiences Instead Of Things Are Much Happier" ".life is all about the memories we create." And that is why I highly value traveling

Wake up and smell the ocean! Carefree living for the waves.Share with me the Love of the Ocean Beach Surf, Catch a Wave,  Chase and ride the waves, Travel to Bali, Travel to Hawaii, Travel to Portugal, Life is meant for living not dying!  For the Free Spirits Living in the Sea  surfer girl, surfing, surf fishing, surf,surfer style guy, surf beach swimming party ideas, surf trippin', surf photography, surf style clothes, surf lifestyle, surf style, surf board, surfer quotes, surf ..

Here's some awesome black and white photography from surf photographer Dean Dampney. eye catching photos that focus around people, the beach and surfing.


The big picture: Homeless

Can sadness be beautiful? Lee Jeffries, an amateur photographer proved it with his uncompromising photography. Lee started in photographing homeless people in powerful black and white giving a drama to his portraits.

If it takes less facial muscles to smile than frown, then I shall always smile from now on (even when I don't want to). http://chloethurlow.com/2014/12/look-10-years-younger/

Subordination & Dominance- the photo emphasizes the girl and the city reflection in the window hold secondary importance in comparison to her. The reflection of the city in the glass is Subordinate while the girl herself is the Dominant subject